Lian Tanner Author Visit

What do a minch-wiggin, a Queen, and a rather large magical pup have in common? They need to find the dragon that has turned their worlds upside-down . . . even if it means revealing all they want to keep hidden.'

In Term 1, Year 4 students were treated to a visit by award-winning Tasmanian author Lian Tanner! Lian is currently promoting her latest book Spellhound and she passed on plenty of tips and inspiration to our Year 4 story writers. The students were engaged in a series of short, sharp imagination-growing activities that focused on the five senses and drawing inspiration from pictures.

Lian also described her writing process and how stories sometimes change multiple times before the final story is written and that it can take up to a year to produce a story!

Students thoroughly enjoyed their session with Lian and many have been inspired to start writing their own stories and borrow her books from the College Library.

Mrs Sarah Bromfield - College Librarian K-10