Living History - Year 5

On Tuesday the Year 5 re-enactment was just sensational, what a rich learning experience everyone had, not only for those living the life on the goldfields, but also for the other classes that took a step back in time.We were blessed with favourable weather too, scrumptious damper, hot potatoes, lemonade and billy tea...what a treat!The rebellious diggers cheered their leader Peter Lalor as he called for unity to stand together and fight for their rights under the Southern Cross.The grog shop was a hive of activity with much joy and dancing as some celebrated finding gold. A wonderful scene of living the past to be sure!Here are a few comments from the day…

I was so excited about today I couldn’t sleep….Fletcher Gaetani

I just loved the dancing at the grog shop….Zarin Sabha

The provisions store and Chinese laundry were just great…Laura O’Reilly

It was great panning for gold in the creek…I actually found 20c! ….Michael King

It was fun learning about cleaning the clothes and then actually being able to do it ….. Ava Clark

It was fun dancing in the grog shop and pretending to pan for gold in the creek….. Gabriel Tichanow

I thought how good it was that everyone was fast to go to the role ups with Peter Lalor…. Samantha Clay

It was hard work for the whole day but it was worth the experience….. Grace O’Halloran

Ms Moulton & Ms O’Grady - Year 5 Teachers