Madi Browne at Dominic College

Netball star, Madi Browne, visits Dominic College

As part of developing the relationship of elite athletes and juniors, Dominic College hosted netball star, Australian Diamonds player, Collingwood Magpies co-captain, Madi Browne to run drills with and answer questions from our students on Thursday 6 June in the Savio Centre.

This was one of my favourite classes yet!

Having such an elite athlete teaching me and taking the class was an amazing experience. Her knowledge in the sporting field, and her experiences playing in the Commonwealth Games for Australia as well as the Collingwood Magpies, allowed Madi’s activities and advice to be so relatable to my sport of netball.

Madi’s drills focused on basic skill, hand-eye coordination and footwork, whilst working on maintaining intensity throughout the entire session.

I really enjoyed the discussion at the end, when Madi talked to us about the process of overcoming her current ACL injury. After six months of pre-season work, Madi was unable to play the Suncorp netball season this year. But she is not giving up!

Her motivation, determination and fight is what inspired me the most: to have gone through two ACL injuries and still have the same desire and passion to come back to netball, was just so inspirational to hear.

I loved the session with Madi. I loved being involved in unique drills, hearing about her netball journey and the amazing facilities to which she has access at the Holden Centre, and being able to ask her questions.

Being a netball player myself, the thing I took away was to never give up, to keep fighting and pushing. If you want something in life, you can get it! All it takes is resilience and determination. Go Pies!

Ella Fitzpatrick – College Vice Captain