Mamma Margaret's Kitchen - Cooking at Home

Remote Learning has been a well embraced challenge by students throughout the Food Technology courses. The Food Technology teachers have been creating cooking videos and pantry challenges.

Year 7s are currently working on their 'design a salad' task where they research flavor combinations and dressings to see what works well together. Miss Gysen is looking forward to seeing a variety of salads

appearing in the Microsoft Teams Home cooking chat.

Year 8 have entered the cooking phase of the course and this week have been revising cooking equipment. Their first recipe will be Honey Oat Bars so Miss Gysen is looking forward to seeing some unique

videos showing these being cooked at home.

The 9/10 Food Technology class have been researching fruits and vegetables from around the world. Mrs Davey and Miss Gysen are planning more videos to be shared with students. Lots of photos are

coming in of students and their cooking. Some were able to use the pack of dry ingredients and recipe that were provided to students in the last week of term.

While we are all learning at home Mrs Davey is sharing recipes and videos of her family cooking. These are available on Seesaw on the day the MMK class is scheduled. We hope there might be something

you can try at home and we look forward seeing photos and reviews of cooking on Seesaw.

Year 6 MMK were treated to a video by Miss Gysen demonstrating making Cheese, Bacon and Vegetable Swirls. Some students have been able to make these at home during the day with ingredients

they have at home. Seesaw is the platform where students can upload photos and videos of themselves cooking. There has been excellent evidence of wonderful cooking at home.

So, you can see that Remote Learning hasn’t stopped our budding young chefs from producing wonderful baked goods. The videos are inspiring students to show off their skills in the kitchen. I am sure they

have enjoyed eating the wonderful food they have created! Thanks to the mums who are supporting the children with the opportunity to cook at home.

Mrs Natalie Davey and Miss Jane Gysen

Bosco House Coordinator/Food Technologies Teacher