Mano's Cup experience for a great Dominic team

The Year 4 children from the Dominic U/11 Soccer team ended up their holidays on a high, but very tired, note!

The team did themselves very proud by participating in the ‘2017 Manos Cup’ in Launceston on Saturday 14 October. This U9 and U10 competition is open to all boys and girls from Tasmania born in 2007 or 2008 and has been in operation for several years, under the stewardship of NTJSA life members Mano Stivaktakis and Rob Brewer.

This competition provides an opportunity for clubs state-wide to compete in a friendly post-season tournament. In 2016 due to a lack of participants the competition did not go ahead, leaving behind a very disappointed bunch of 9 year olds. This year, these now 10 year olds were thrilled to have the opportunity to participate.

The day comprised of each team playing five games of soccer over 5 hours, with a break of approximately 40 minutes between matches. Amongst the opposition were some very talented and exceptionally skilful players that belonged to various Soccer Clubs from within Northern Tasmania.

The Dominic Team put everything into their games and played amazingly to come out with 2 draws and 3 losses. The team was very competitive in each of the 5 games of soccer they played. Each game was played with maturity and professionalism. Fantastic sportsmanship was always displayed. Above all, each player enjoyed the day, until Sunday when they were pretty stiff and sore!

Congratulations to the 9 boys and 2 girls who participated - you all did Dominic very proud! It is amazing to see the team do so well in this extended competition after playing the year up a grade in the NSJSA roster.

A big thank-you to the coach Adrian Bannister for his commitment, dedication and genuine care for every child in the team. Adrian went above and beyond to ensure the weekend went ahead for the 11 very excited, but somewhat nervous, children. He did his upmost to ensure each and every child was prepared to the best of his abilities for the challenge ahead.

All players and their parents would like to officially thank Adrian for his time and efforts. Thanks needs to also go to Michelle Gilligan for her fantastic commitment to the team and helping with all of the managerial and behind the scenes roles which was absolutely invaluable.

Mr Cameron Golding - K-6 Sports Coordinator