Mental Health Week 2018

In 2017. student leaders ran a very successful Relay for Life Team that had over 120 student members and raised nearly $20,000. In 2018, the College Captains were keen to introduce something new to Dominic College. Something special that would be fun, that students would enjoy, but most importantly, help them.

Maggie Baker - our College Captain was driven to mirror the work done in our EMPOWER Program and help the students who were struggling with their Mental Health. Maggie created numerous options, proposals and ideas that she took to the Senate and through the College Leadership Team to find the right balance and speakers for each year level.

Maggie was instrumental in making this happen, initially she knew we wanted to work with Mitch McPherson from Speak Up and Stay ChatTy, as Mitch had presented at Dominic before and his story and message is very powerful.

She also knew she wanted Year 8s to spend some time on Body Image, something that she and Ashley Cano Calderon, College Vice Captain, felt very strongly about improving.

Maggie wanted to lead these sessions and empower our students to know their true value.

Sourcing the Key Note Speaker - #notevenonce from Teen Challenge, was an exceptional idea, helping students understand the negative consequences of managing their Mental Health through destructive measures.

Looking for something for the Year 7s was challenging, but once we saw the passion and drive that the young people who run the Little HELP Project have, it was easy to know that we had found the right people who can Empower and motivate our youngest members.

Luke Jackson has more achievements then many people could ever dream of. Luke is a professional athlete, who has overcome his personal issues with his mental health, but is so motivated and keen to help young people and show them that exercise, fitness and sport can be a pathway to manage these health issues.

Lunchtime Yoga was an opportunity to again use exercise and well-being to improve health. We brought in three separate Instructors, all of them were talented and amazing. We offered 7/8, 9/10 and Staff sessions which were all successful.

Savio Academic Captain Alec Mielke put together the Self Defence Proposal and his commitment, organisation and delivery were amazing.

This was not about fighting, but standing your ground, staying safe and avoiding conflict. We were blessed that Alec shared the skills he has developed, with our community.

Thanks to Jacob Golding (Class of 2016) for taking photos and footage of the week. We look forward to seeing the completed product.

Finally, we had the Bacon and Egg Breakfast, Pancake Breakfast and Pizza Drive. All of these were well supported by the student body.

No Mental Health Week would be complete without Gratitude. To have colleagues and friends I can rely on, to help and support me, is a true honour and privilege.

Finally, to Maggie Baker - she is the Champion of this initiative. Maggie’s leadership is about the students, about Dominic College and making it the best place it can be. Maggie is selfless, dedicated, compassionate, caring, organised and driven. What an amazing young person!

Mr Aaron Davey - Coordinator of Pastoral Care 7-10