Migration Morning Tea

This week Year 6 hosted and prepared a scrumptious morning tea set out in the fashion of days gone by.

We thank Mrs Roslyn Hawkins for her support of this initiative, as students used their MMK session to prepare the food. Staff also helped with the loan of the crockery and tablecloths to help set the scene, we also would like to thank them and everyone else involved. The tables looked wonderful.

This event was for student family members who were invited to share their migration stories with us as part of our HASS studies into Australia as a Nation – Migration unit.

It was a pleasure to welcome our guests and hear all about their experiences. In groups students rotated around the speakers sharing their stories. They took notes of particular points of interest and made enquires via prepared questions to enhance their understanding of migration experiences.

It was a very special time to share with our greater Dominic community, and we thank those who came along who gave us a deeper understanding of the journeys they made.

We all had a lovely time and our visitors thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Well done Year 6.

Ms Barbara Moulton - Year 6 Teacher