Mitch Speaks Up at our 7-10 assembly

On Wednesday 21 June, Mr Mitch McPherson, founder of Speak Up, Stay ChatTY presented to the Year 7-10 assembly.

Now four years old, Speak Up, Stay ChatTY is a non-profit, meaning that all donations made to Mitch and the organisation, are given to suicide prevention programs.

The program started out with just the well-known car sticker with the shorts, in memory of Mitch’s younger brother, Ty who lost his life to suicide. But after a 330km run raised just over $20,000, the organisation started gaining state-wide recognition.

Since 2013, Mitch has spoken at more than 450 events, including schools, workplaces and sporting clubs. He has also received many awards for his work including the 2017 Tasmanian Young Australian of the Year Award, Premier’s Young Achiever of the Year Award 2016, Tasmanian Pride of Australia Medal for Community Spirit 2015 and many more.

Mitch works tirelessly to spread the message that nothing is too dark to talk about, which encourages people to speak up and save lives.

This was Mitch’s second visit to our College and it’s safe to say that he is definitely welcome here. His message is such a strong and powerful thing and we hope that he returns in the future to reinforce it again and again.

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