Mother's Day blessings

Dear Friends

As Mother’s Day approaches, I extend my appreciation to all the wonderful mothers, grandmothers and foster carers in the Dominic College community.

I know the work, and sacrifices that many of you undertake. I also appreciate the energy and care you devote to our students’ ongoing education at home.

I am again grateful this week to our dedicated Parents & Friends who prepared for and facilitated our annual Mother’s Day Stall. This stall encourages our younger students especially, to remember their own mothers in a small way on their special day this Sunday.

I am grateful to the women in our Parents & Friends for modelling gratitude and care.

Don Bosco’s Mother – Mamma Margaret

All of us can draw inspiration from the life of Don Bosco’s mother, Margaret Occhiena.

Margaret became a widow and single mother of three children when she was not quite 30 years old. She had little money and trying to pay off debts and get ahead was a constant worry for her.

Affectionately called “Mamma” by her family and later, Don Bosco’s boys, Mamma Margaret was instrumental not only in forming and training Don Bosco, but in fostering the famous ‘family spirit’ so characteristic of Don Bosco’s Oratory and all Salesian institutions such as Dominic College.

In the midst of every crisis, Mamma Margaret unfailingly turned to God and trusted in God’s loving providence.

Many mothers at Dominic College know the struggles Mamma Margaret faced. It requires great courage and strength to balance all of the needs of the children in our family and to rise above the adversity that can place great pressure on our families.

This week, I pray for all the mothers and carers in our College community. May all of us continue to nurture our children and show them God’s abiding love through our daily acts love for them. Happy Mother’s Day!

Ms Beth Gilligan - Dominic College Principal