Much Ado About Nothing sizzles

Dominic College students again amazed Hobart with an entertaining version of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing in Salamanca's Peacock Theatre. The show was the culmination of elective drama students work and included musicians and vocalists as well as the talented cast.

Matinees, for our own and other school students were scheduled for the mornings during the Creative Arts Festival with the evening shows for the public on Thursday and Friday sold out.

The Dominic College version focused upo the different depictions of love at work in Shakespeare's play, making the most of contemporary resonances in our world of instant gratification, fake news and instagram. The puppy love Claudio has for Hero is sorely tested by unproven accusation. The 'merry war' of banetr betwixt Beatrice and Benedick results in a pragmatic, but nevertheless romantic coupling. In a culture that glorifies masculine sporting heroes as heroic warriors, Beatrice challenges the status quo.

The chorus, the Madrigals' is an homage to the 60s girls groups and Ella Fitzpatrick, Sarah Fitzpatrick and Sarah Wright shone as the beautiful, singing sensations who transitioned and reflected on scenes in a way that had the audience grooving in their seats!

The band were sharp and cool (in their Hawaiian shirst) and beautifully directed by old scholar, Mark Schmalfus. The dozen members of the Watch provided an entertaining troop of security guards who both pushed the audience around and the citizens of Messina also. The Warriors were our cricket heroes, returning in triumph (despite some evidence of sandpaper skulduggery). The citizens of Messina entertained and enlightened as they debated proceedings and love.

Special praise to dramatic leads, Will Parkinson and Promise Mudzingwa, whose stage presence, stykle and wit was an absolute pleasure - and a testament to the years of dramatic development they have achieved through hard work, They will both go far.

Director of Creative Arts, Mr Mike O'Brien, has again achieved amazing work with our students.

You can see photos from our production on our gallery: Much Ado About Nothing.