Mural Project for College Chapel

Dominic College and ‘Hullabaloo’ Designs have embarked on an exciting collaboration with a Mural Project for our Chapel.

This project, initiated by our Principal, Ms Gilligan, and led by Ms Audrey Durbridge, is intended to bring a visually creative element into the interior walls of the Chapel and complement both its architecture and location. The completed mural will consist of a three-panelled triptych that will hang towards the far end wall.

‘Hullabaloo’ is a professional creative team with studios based in Brisbane that specialises in creating and installing murals and sculptures into Catholic schools and colleges throughout Australia. They will be collaborating with a select group of 26 students from Years 7 to 10 – some of whom do not undertake art as a subject – who have been working over two sessions to producing designs for the project.

Inspiration for the artwork is threefold, Spiritual, through biblical scripture, particularly Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God”. Environmental, the landscape and its flora and fauna, and Cultural, acknowledging the custodianship of indigenous Australians.

Dominic College is very much part of the broad, universal Salesian community but it is also very much embedded in its wonderful location in the foothills of the kunanyi range.

Students have responded to symbols of the Catholic Christian Church along with the landscape that surrounds them.

The design elements were executed in purely graphic style using charcoal pencils and annotations where necessary.

The work is now collated and ready to go to ‘Hullabaloo’ studios where the team will produce the final stage of the project by formatting the design in colour. The Mural panels are expected to be completed and ready for installation by November this year.

Mrs Katherine Denholm - Acting Director of Creative Arts K-10