New Japanese relationship

At the end of last term, I visited a number of Salesian schools in Japan, meeting a range of wonderful Principals, teachers and students in Salesian schools.

I was warmly welcomed and there was considerable interest in and enthusiasm for our desire to establish a variety of relationships with schools.

My discussions with Principals and their staff were most fruitful as we explored opportunities to initiate student-student and teacher-teacher connections between Dominic College and their schools.

Initiation of a Sister School Relationship in Japan

As a result of my visit, Mr Koji Sueyoshi, the Principal of Salesio School in Shizuoka, Japan, visited Dominic College last Friday to further develop my proposal for a sister school relationship and partnership.

Salesio is a Salesian School, Co-educational K-12 with a commitment to internationalism and the promotion of English speaking. Shizuoka is about one hour south of Tokyo by Shinkansen (bullet train).

Kumashiro Sensei and our Year 9 and 10 Japanese students who were involved in hosting Mr Sueyoshi last week were exceptional.

Students began with a Taiko drum welcome on our amazing drums, made in Japan and provided by Dominic’s Parents & Friends.

Students gave presentations in Japanese on Tasmania, our language and cultural program at Dominic College and our annual immersion to Japan.

I could not have asked for better ambassadors of the College than these students. Mr Shueyoshi was most impressed with their language skills, drumming skills and their outstanding manners.

He complimented our students on their presentations and demeanour and was most impressed with the College, our facilities and our programs.

We will commence the development of an initial partnership agreement for 2019-2020. This will involve a two night and day homestay visit by our Year 9 & 10 students to Shizuoka in 2019, the initiation of a joint student enquiry project and the commencement of a teacher exchange program.

Ms Beth Gilligan - Dominic College Principal