Old scholars honoured at Dominic College

Congratulations to Fr Denis Allen, Dr Ian McShane, Dr Karen Westwood and Dr Olivia Rundle, on their induction into Dominic College's Hall of Achievement.

The Hall of Achievement aims to celebrate the history of the school and the lives of the people who have been shaped by their education at Dominic College, and its precursors Boys’ Town, Savio College and Holy Name College.

The purpose of the Hall of Achievement is to recognise and acknowledge significant achievements by Old Scholars of Dominic College – achievements that have upheld the spirit and values of our founder, Don Bosco, including hard work, honesty, respect and good citizenship.

The College gives thanks for the blessing of the lives of these old scholars who are part of a great Salesian and Dominican story and a rich part of Dominic College.

The Dominic College Hall of Achievement was established in 2003 by the then College Principal, Fr Phil Gleeson SDB. There have been induction ceremonies in 2003, 2005 and 2009.

The inaugural ceremony was held 10 November 2003 in the old Savio Centre, now the Br Peter Dezani Design Centre, and, being the first ceremony was an auspicious and ceremonial occasion, where the 17 individuals and the group of 39 former British child migrants, were honoured, some posthumously. Two further induction ceremonies were conducted in 2005 and in 2009, adding a further seven old scholars to our Hall.

Previous inductees have been nominated in categories of:
  • Academia, with significant contribution to the world’s knowledge;
  • Arts, with a highly significant national or international emphasis;
  • Business, with significant success, transformation, while retaining the values of honesty and care for all in society;
  • Human Spirit, those who have exemplified the ability of the human spirit to overcome, and become a source of inspiration;
  • Community Service in Australia or overseas, with significant life-long commitments; and
  • Sport, individuals who have achieved international and national recognition at an elite level over many years.

The 2017 Hall of Achievement ceremony held in the Savio Centre on Friday 24 February awarded a trophy and certificate to:

  • Fr Denis Allen, Boys’ Town 1947-1950 – Human Spirit
  • Dr Ian McShane, Savio College and Dominic College 1969-1974 - Academia
  • Dr Olivia Rundle, Dominic College 1986-1991 - Academia
  • Dr Karen Westwood, Dominic College 1983-1986 - Academia

Each recipient also received a special limited edition framed print of a painting of Boys' Town tower and landscape.

The inductees have joined the previous Hall of Achievement members - whose accomplishments are significant and varied across many fields. You can read more on each of these old scholars on our Hall of Achievement web page in our Community section, including biographies of each individual as composed at the time of their award: Hall of Achievement Members.

Our ceremony was held before the assembled Year 5-10 students and staff, although Year 9 boys were still walking down from their Rite Journey program on Mt Wellington, and a large group of special guests including family and friends of the inductees and previous Hall of Achievement members.

The 2017 ceremony forged a strong bond between old scholars, students and honoured recipients. Mr Tony Webb, Chairman of the Dominic Old Scholars Association (DOSA) committee, presided over the ceremony, with dash. Prayers and welcome, introductions and acknowledgements were conducted by student leaders. Each of the four honoured old scholars was presented and made a significant speech to the students about their lives and the way the College helped shape them.

The relationship between students and old scholars was further enhanced by a delightful choir performance of 'You Raise Me Up' by the student choir, accompanied by Harry Breslin on violin. Finally the 'Irish Blessing' was performed by dance students George Pongco Jr, Adrian Castaneda, Jorja Golding and Maddison Smith. This unique and moving performance was a special highlight for us.

As the official party departed, the whole assembly sung the College Song with gusto, including the new Hall of Achievement members.

Refreshments and a cake in the Basil Fox Room in Grantleigh, together with more photos and remembrances completed a warm-hearted induction. Congratulations to everyone who participated in this ceremony - the new members, their families and guests were very complimentary of student behaviour and interest, and the smooth and professional operation of the assembly and celebrations.

You can see photos on our website gallery: Hall of Achievement 2017.