Oli and Polly

Oli and Polly are the two sheep for whom I am responsible, with the help of Ms Myers.

They are fun and lively sheep, always looking for food. If they ever escape their paddock they run straight into the green shed because they know there is food.

Oli’s personality is different from Polly’s because she is the ‘quieter’ one, unless she is separated from Oli. Oli will start screaming out when someone walks by because he expects them to stop and give him food.

Oli is very confident of himself, always thinking the world revolves around him.

Oli and Polly are a breed of sheep, called Dorper sheep. The breed originated from South Africa in the 1930s through a cross breeding with a blackhead Persian ewe and a Dorset Horn ram.

The Dorper breed was not brought to Australia until 1996.

Melanie Cook - Year 9 Animal Husbandry student