Once, Then. Now: Morris Gleitzman

ONCE Year 6A started reading a series of books written by the outstanding author Morris Gleitzman.

Through reading these stories we have got to know characters and have been transported to different places through their settings.

We have been able to empathise with the main characters in his books in the Once series and in Boy Overboard. We have got to know Felix, Zelda, Jamal and Bibi and the struggles they have had to overcome, while making connections with the world around us through their stories.

THEN we decided that we wanted to hear from the man behind the stories, author Morris Gleitzman. So we went on an excursion to the Derwent Entertainment Centre to hear him speak.

He inspired us to all be writers and shared the secret to not getting stuck when writing. He encouraged us in the very first sentence of a story to introduce a character with a problem. He said if we do this we will never get stuck again.

NOW we are going to share some of our thoughts and views about what we have learnt from reading Morris’ books so far.

Through reading Morris Gleitzman’s books I have learnt that we shouldn’t take things for granted because if we lived like Felix or Jamal we wouldn’t have the opportunities we have. Charlie C

I can’t wait to continue reading the series because it’s got me hooked. Sophia M

Once, Then and Boy Overboard have encouraged me to think more about other people and what has happened to them. Through reading the books I have learnt a lot about the past. Aidan R

I can’t wait to continue reading the series because it gets me on the edge of my chair for what’s going to happen next.
Charlotte R

My favourite book by Morris Gletizman is Then. I like that book because it gives me many mixed emotions and it has a lot of action. Lily M

My favourite book by Morris Gleitzman is Once because I like the theme of having Once at the start of each chapter. Jasmin B

My favourite character is Felix because he makes me want to be the best person I can be. Jack M

Mrs Hayley Joyce & Mr Benjamin Crick - Year 6A Teachers