OzBosco 2019

On 3 May, seven students from the Salesian Youth at Dominic College (SYDC) travelled to Safety Beach to attend OzBosco. OzBosco is an annual camp in which Salesian schools nationwide gather together and celebrate being a part of the Salesian community.

Ozbosco never fails to amaze and was a fantastic experience filled with games, prayer, activities, friendship and many experiences we will treasure for ever. This year’s focus was ‘Holiness is Happiness’ in which we focus on our faith and how it can make the world a better place.

There were many workshops throughout the day on Sunday some of which included; Run like a Girl, where we teach young girls about the importance of equality and feminist values.

Students from Guilford Young College and Dominic Old Scholars travelled with us to Safety Beach. It was a wonderful time filled with beautiful memories and many are keen to return next year.

Isabella Roberts - President of SYDC

OzBosco was a lot of fun, being with people from Dominic College. Learning new things about each other and meeting new people was a great experience.

We had Oratory Groups which were similar to our school pastoral groups/homerooms.

In these groups, we talked about our days and what will come for the next day. Each morning and night we had a Salesian good morning/ good night, which was like a group gathering to talk about what we did and how we can do better in the next day or something to reflect on.

One thing I loved from this year’s OzBosco was the trips outside of the Don Bosco campsite. We went to an Enchanted Adventure Garden, it had mazes and fat skids. We had such a fun time there.

I really enjoyed OzBosco and I will definitely go back and do it again next year.

Kate Young - Year 9 student