​Prime Minister’s Spelling Bee Finalists

Fifty Dominic College students in Years 3 – 6 recently competed in both the Local and then State rounds of the Prime Ministers’ Spelling Bee. All our students recorded terrific scores with high levels of accuracy. We are proud of all these students.

Last week we received notification that three of our wonderful students have been named as State Finalists in the Prime Ministers’ Spelling Bee and have now reached the National Final. Congratulations to Vincent Davey and Alice Park (Year 3) and Hayley Bukowiecki (Year 4) on this terrific achievement. The National final will be held on 27 May. Students taking part in the Spelling Bee are given thirty random words from their Year level word list online. They have 25 seconds to spell each word. They aim for accuracy, to beat the clock, and are competing against students nationally. Most importantly our aim in being part of this competition is for our students to develop a love of spelling and to have lots of fun learning to spell new and tricky words which extends their vocabulary.

Good luck to Vincent, Alice and Hayley as they prepare for this exciting national competition