Project Compassion

Project Compassion is the major annual fundraising appeal of the Catholic Church. It is organised by Caritas Australia and runs each year throughout Lent.

Every student, the staff members, and the families of Dominic College participated in activities throughout Lent at the College and gave generous amounts of time, money and spirit to this important appeal. It was wonderful to see the students participate so reverently and respectfully in Ash Wednesday House Liturgies at the beginning of Lent and to witness their joyous engagement in activities such as the Car Wash run by Savio House and the Game-a-thon run by Guzman House.

Students and families also gave generously to the fundraising drives run by Siena and Bosco House; they feasted on and purchased pizza, ice cream, chocolates, ice cream spiders, and soft drink. They gave generously to our Project Compassion boxes in Pastoral Groups with Guzman 3 Pastoral Group, led by Mr Glidden, raising an amazing $296.35! Guzman House raised the most money through the Pastoral Group boxes, donating a total of $597.70 and raised the most money overall with a total of $797.70.

As a community, Dominic College donated an amazing amount to Project Compassion, demonstrating kindness, compassion and support for those in need. We are so proud that our community continues to support and participate in Project Compassion each year and we look forward to continuing this tradition next year.

Mr Adam Lapolla – Religious Education Coordinator 7-10