RAW Challenge

This year the Adventure Recreation elective class has had a strong focus on developing students' leadership and interpersonal skills through challenging activities.

For the first time ever, Dominic College students were able to put themselves to the test and participate in the Raw Challenge at Baskerville Raceway. The course had many difficult elements/obstacles including swimming under wooden logs, monkey bars, tunnels half submerged and an epic climb up Fruit Loop Hill.

All up around two hours were spent diving, falling, swimming, running, climbing up over and around different obstacles. Most importantly the students shared an experience they will never forget.

As you can see in all of the photos, plenty of smiles were on hand - check the website gallery RAW Challenge.

A huge thank to Kiri Brazendale from Military Mumma for hosting us, also a massive thank you to Mr. Cam Golding and Mr. Tyson Walker for assisting on the day and helping make this experience possible.
Mr Josh Mackie - Adventure Recreation teacher