Relay for Life 2021 - A fundraising record for Dominic!

Congratulations to our 2021 Relay for Life Team Last weekend, Dominic College fielded a large team of Year 5-10 students and staff for the Cancer Council’s Relay for Life. Students were committed and enthusiastic in their contribution to the 2021 relay. Many dedicated students actively fundraised over several few months. The team has so far raised an extraordinary $48,048.00 for the Cancer Council.

The highest fund raiser was indominable Year 8 Guzman student, Ella James, who has raised an amazing $3,076.00 for the team effort. Ella is a source of inspiration to everyone in the College community and has a great sense of giving to others and giving back to the community who has supported her in her own fight against cancer. Last year, Ella lived through a recurrence of Leukemia. She has been battling various bouts of recurrence of the disease since she was a small child. The Dominic team was incredibly proud of Ella and her outstanding leadership.

College Captains, Rachael Glidden and Justin Goodrick and Vice Captains, Zoelle Lin and Solomon Kidane led the Dominic team with distinction and harnessed student energy through hard work, careful planning and personal commitment.

Thank you to all of our families who donated to our Relay for Life team members and the team itself. Your support has been invaluable and will make a difference in the lives of so many cancer sufferers.

Ms Beth Gilligan

College Principal