Remote Learning in Japanese Lessons

Harnessing the Power of Technology

Japanese learning has been powering ahead for students from K-10 so far this term. In our attempt to try to overcome some of the hurdles of remote teaching and learning, Aran sensei and Kumashiro sensei have been trying to make the most of the new opportunities that have been presented through the accessibility of online tools.

Parents of our younger students may have seen us on the screens of iPads and laptops, singing and talking in Japanese. Week-by-week our Japanese version of ‘Play School’ has been slowly unveiled, with puppets and story books galore.

The feedback we have been receiving from our students has been marvelous, with students recording greetings and songs to share in return, reading Japanese stories they have created using paper and pencils, and sharing their views on Japanese cultural practices.

On Wednesday, Orihara sensei met the students in 3B, and the Year 8 Japanese elective class. The students enjoyed interacting with Orihara sensei, and asking questions about life in Japan.

Questions varied, from ‘With so many people living there, is it difficult to get out and go to the supermarket?’ to ‘What do you like to do on the weekend?’ and ‘What are the names of your goldfish?’

Orihara sensei will be spending time each week this term at Dominic College with Japanese classes from Kindergarten through to Year 10. If you see her around the school from May 25, please be sure to say ‘konnichi wa’ and share a bright, happy smile!

Mrs Belinda Kumashiro

Teacher of Japanese.