Retreats at Dominic College

Once a year every priest, religious brother and religious sister (nun) take a week out of their busy schedules to undertake a retreat. It is a time to take stock, to refresh, reset and return to their places of work and living recharged. Fr Damien is on retreat next week in picturesque Mulgoa (NSW) and Br Barry and I will have a retreat at Queenscliff in Victoria in the next school holidays.

Usually we have a preacher who gives two talks a day. The rest of the time is taken up with prayer, Mass, solitude, reading and social time together. For most religious it is a time we look forward to. We know the term is used in military battles. Sometimes armies retreat from the front line. Occasionally it is a good idea to take a step back to take a step forward. One step back, two steps forward is what we often say. Sometimes hotels, and motels will advertise their premises as ‘retreats’ - a place to relax and refresh.

The retreat program at Dominic College is taken very seriously. Each year level, 7-10 has an opportunity for some time away from school, to reflect, to nurture friendships, to make new friends, to make positive changes, to put the Christian vision in view.

This week, Year 7 students had a day of retreat at the Lindisfarne Rowing Club on the eastern shore. What a fantastic venue in which to reflect! What a great place to ponder the beauty of God’s creation! Throughout the day students were challenged to think of ways they could protect our environment and respect creation.

Next Tuesday, the Year 8 cohort will have an opportunity for a retreat at the same venue and a week later the Year 9s. A time to take stock. An unreflective life is one not worth living.

This year, for the first time in a long while the Year 10 cohort will have a three day retreat. Dominic College is putting a lot of resources into a comprehensive retreat program. I am sure all of our students will make the most of this special opportunity.

Fr Peter Rankin SDB - College Rector

Year 7 Retreat

Year 7 students participated in a Retreat Day which is a compulsory part of the curriculum. This day was held on Monday at the Lindisfarne Rowing Club. The aim of the day was to give students an encounter with their natural environment with a new perspective and understanding. We wanted students to experience their own encounter based on discovering God in nature.

Activities were aimed at building empathy and awareness of students’ individual and collective responsibility for the environment. Our Year 7 students had the opportunity to reflect, plan and take action to appreciate, maintain and renew the environment as stewards of Creation.

Special thanks goes to Ms Kim Tedford 7-10 REC for her planning and facilitating of the day and to Ms Gysen, Ms Palmero, Ms Farr and Br Barry for their support.

The day concluded with a reflective session from Ms Gilligan and a lovely liturgy led by Fr Peter.

You can see more photos from the Year 7 retreat on our web gallery: Year 7 Retreat

Mrs Alicia McMahon - Director of Faith & Mission K-10