Retrospective demonstrates student and old scholar talent

Talking Heads Retrospective, held on the final night of the Dominic College Creative Arts Festival in the Peacock Theatre at Salamanca, was not only an exciting night of theatre, but demonstrated the talent pathway available for students who pursue rich dramatic experiences at Dominic College.

The monologue is one of the most dramatic forms: one performer, an audience and minimal theatrical decoration. For the past seven years, talking Heads has been a continuous performance project at Dominic College.

We welcomed back several old scholars to join with current students to reacquaint us with pieces they have performed over the years as part of this project. The performers included current students Jak Gutteridge, Matilda McGovern, James Stansbie, Oliver Waring, Will Parkinson and Promise Mudzingwa. Old scholars included Molly McGovern, Jacob Golding, Eloise Kerstan, Maddie Clifford, Shania Kava and Ryan Ennis.

The audience was thrilled and stunned by the talent - these 12 men and women were able to move us, make us laugh... and make us think.

You can see more photos on our gallery: Talking Heads Retrospective.