Reunions update

On Saturday 27 October both the Classes of 1978 and 1998 held a reunion each at Dominic College.

Although 20 years apart both classes had much in common: they enjoyed continuing and renewing their friendships, were enthusiastic about staying connected, were impressed by the new facilities and new technologies at Dominic College, and shared many laughs over the stories they retold.

The 1998 group, left, led by Mr Matt Taylor, enjoyed their first reunion back at Dominic College, with lunch in Siena 5 and a tour of the school. With the stormy weather they appreciated the more extensive shelter now available and the cosiness of the student common areas!

Many from this reunion travelled from interstate including three ex-students from Western Australia!

The group also visited the 14th Station of the Cross in our Chapel which they raised money to dedicate. Well done Class of 1998!

The Class of 1978, led by Mrs Cathy Minnucci (nee Free) included many good friends who had the occasional get-together, and this was their third or fourth reunion at the College over the last 40 years!

When they were here at the Middle School at Tolosa Street, not even the “Electives Block” had been built: classrooms were just the Boys’ Town Building and the classrooms around the upper courts.

Thank you to Principal Beth Gilligan for the informative tours and to DOSA President, Mr Tony Webb, for his welcome and ready assistance.

Both groups enjoyed Saturday night festivities in town being joined by more old scholars who couldn’t make the afternoon sessions.

You can see more photos on our galleries: 1998 Reunion; 1978 Reunion.

1968 Reunion

The next scheduled reunion is the 50th anniversary of the Holy Name Class of 1968 to which the boys from Savio College are co-educationally invited. Students from around these years, above or below are also welcome.

Please note: this reunion is not at school. The date is Saturday 24 November 2018 from 1pm and the venue is the Black Buffalo Hotel, Letitia St, North Hobart. Contact: Maryanne Jackson (Delany)