Science Fair news

Year 10 students, Sarah Hawkins and Mikaela Cruz, and Dominic College Director of Science K-10, Ms Jane Myers, attended Government House on Wednesday evening for a reception hosted by His Excellency the Honourable Justice Alan Blow, OAM, Lieutenant-Governor, and Mrs Margaret Blow. This event was to mark National Science Week in Southern Tasmania.

Ms Myers said that Sarah and Mikaela were able to share ideas with other schools about what they were doing to celebrate Science Week.

"We ended up talking to some representatives from UTAS. Sarah and Mikaela talked about how they were presenting their Research Projects along with all the Year 9 and 10 students at Dominic College, next Wednesday as part of our Science Fair. Students had been asked what their passion was and then with support from their Science teachers developed an Independent Study based on their passion."

"Using enquiry and creativity students have developed a project collecting data to test their ideas.

Ms Myers said that just some of the topics students are choosing include:

  • Mikaela Cruz - How does Music affect Gameplay?
  • Chelsea Jones - The effect of energy drinks on heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Georgina Richardson - Does Reading Before Bed Improve Your Quality of Sleep?
  • James Stansbie - How bike riding over different courses affects the Heart Rate.

These are just a few of the projects being presented to students and to the public on Wednesday 15 August 1.45-6.30pm, in conjunction with National Science Week, at the inaugural Dominic College Science Fair.

Students from Kindergarten to Year 10 will be showcasing their learning through displays, demonstrations and interactive experiences.

We welcome not only the Dominic College community but also the wider community to visit the College and experience activities and view displays throughout the College.

A few of the class-based activities on show will be:

  • Digging for dinosaur fossils,
  • Star gazing with telescopes in the evening,
  • Mission Moon Lego designs
  • an Earthquake and tsunami room

The Dominic College Animal Husbandry students will also be running our ever popular Animal Nursery with our wide array of animals with whom visitors can interact. .

There will be hot food and hot drinks available from 3.30pm onwards for students and guests to purchase.

Join us Wednesday afternoon from 1.45pm.