Science in Year 5

In Year 5, we have been studying adaptations in animals and plants in Science. We have explored the different kinds of adaptations – structural, behavioural, and physiological. Students have investigated ways that animals and plants adapt to survive in their natural environments.

We visited Animal Husbandry to look at ways that our school animals have adapted to their environment. Over time, the animals are able to survive and thrive. We investigated the hypothesis that a layer of blubber helps insulate an animal so that it can survive in colder waters for longer. Did you know that whales have a layer of blubber that measures 30 centimetres? This enables them to withstand extremely cold temperatures.

In our experiments, we were able to support this hypothesis as we tested a hand in cold water to a timer. We covered our gloved hands in copha to simulate the blubber. We found that our hypothesis was supported. The copha did insulate our hands in the gloves.

Mrs Barbara Moulton, Mr Ben Crick and Mr Daniel Bellinger - Year 5 Teachers