Science Week in Prep

National Science Week was a big event this year in Prep.

The theme for 2020 was ‘Deep Blue: Innovation for the Future of our Oceans’. Science Week gives us the opportunity to increase our engagement and understanding of ocean science. We live on an island and our oceans are ever present around us. Australia’s vast oceans are a source of constant fascination for our students and it was absolutely wonderful to learn more about the importance of our oceans and the amazing animals that live there.

Our Preps had opportunities to ask questions and watch various media about our oceans. They had some wonderful ideas and enjoyed talking about the importance of the environment. Preserving and protecting our oceans and looking after our animals is an area that children and young people are very passionate about and it was fantastic to encourage this. We focused on how we can protect our oceans, through being responsible with our litter and not taking more fish than we need. We also looked at the importance of the creatures that live under the sea. We learnt about coral, turtles, jellyfish and octopus and displayed our understanding through making posters and models of these animals. As you can see the students produced some absolutely beautiful work.

We thoroughly enjoyed Science Week and we look forward to next year.

Ms Lauren Saunders

Prep A Teacher