Short films: 5-seconds

5-second film challenge

In Years 9 and 10, learning in Media Arts involves students making and responding to media independently and in small groups, and with their teachers and communities.

Students explore Media Arts as an art form through representation, manipulation of genre and media conventions and analysis of media artworks.

In Term 2, the media class have begun the short film challenge. In one lesson they are required to create, write, shoot and publish a 5-second film.

Each group has to pull out a title from a hat and using that as their starting point, create a storyboard with a simple structure with a beginning, middle and end.

With a 5-second time limit students have to work hard to be clear so the audience can understand the plot. While this is difficult, it is a great learning experience on how to work to a specific deadline and creative brief.

The results are often imaginative, surprising but always entertaining.

Mrs Joanna Jeffery - Creative Arts Teacher