Sparky and Melody

In my Animal Husbandry elective, we have been able to work and help two new rescue Miniature Ponies.

Melody has a white coat and her foal Sparky has a very fluffy black coat. Ms Myers found them in a paddock on their own which didn’t have much grass for them to eat so she approached the owners and asked if we could work with the two of them.

Our aim is to get them both used to being handled and to give them a nutritious diet to help them become healthier and put on weight as Melody is quite skinny. Melody is a very protective mum of her 3-month-old foal and only lets people that she trusts handle him.

Already, during their first week here, these two ponies have come so far with letting people handle them. They love it when you give them a treat especially apples and carrots. During this week we have had the vet come to check on them both.

I’m sure we will learn lots from them and they will learn lots from us. We are very lucky to have this opportunity to work with them and I’m sure they will love getting all the food and attention during their stay at Dominic College.

Melanie Cashboult - Year 10 student