SSATIS and SATIS Athletics

We highly commend every student who represented Dominic College at both the Southern Sports association for Tasmanian Independent Schools (SSATIS) on Wednesday 20 September and the Sports Association for Tasmanian Independent Schools – State wide (SATIS) on Saturday 23 September. The participation and school spirit on both days were fantastic.

Congratulations to the following students who placed in their respective events:

Indy Brideson U/16 Discus 2nd place; U/16 Javelin 2nd place. (This was a new SSATIS record, before being overtaken by the winner!)
Sofie Smith U/16 High Jump 3rd place
Xanthe Brouwer U/15 Shotput 2nd place
Zeke Jenkins U/15 Hurdles 3rd place
Samuel Walker U/15 Shotput 1st place. Australian U/18 T38 Record; Open Para-Ambulatory 100m 2nd place
Hayley Curtain U/14 Javelin 1st place
Max Brideson U/13 200m 3rd place; U/13 Shotput 3rd place; U/13 Discus 2nd place; U/13 Javelin 3rd place
U/13 4X100m Relay - 2nd Max Brideson, Ty Turner, Camden Clark, and Connor Fewkes

Indy Brideson U/16 Shotput 3rd place; U/16 Discus 2nd place; U/16 Javelin 2nd place
Xanthe Brouwer U/15 Shotput 3rd place
Ella Triffett U/14 HighJump 3rd place
Samuel Walker Open Para-Ambulatory 100m 2nd place; 200m Australian T38 Record U/18
Max Brideson U/13 Shotput 2nd place; U/13 Discus 2nd place; U/13 Javelin 2nd place.

Miss Kiera Farr - Acting Sport Coordinator 7-10

SATIS Athletics report

On Saturday 23 September Dominic College competed in the Sport Association of Tasmanian Independent Schools State Athletics (SATIS) event.

Originally, we found it difficult to find enough people to fill all of our events as the Saturday allocated for the carnival was a very busy one, with other club sports finals, plus school events.

The weather on the day was dreary, with lots of rain and even some thunder. However, because of the kindness shown towards one and other, we created a great atmosphere and it turned out to be a great day.

Initially, we looked at the number of students competing and we began to stress: we thought this would affect our day, but it didn’t. The attitude of every student there on the day was perfect.

No matter what events needed filling, everyone was willing to try their best. At one point, we had Year 7 students filling Year 10 races, without a fuss, just to make sure we filled our entries.

The attitude and leadership everyone carried with them on the day, really showed what it is like to be a part of the Dominic family and strive to be the best we can be, even when we know it is difficult.

Year 9 student - Abby Muskett