Student Rock Band

The members of the Rock Band range from Years 7 to 10 and we even have a staff member who comes to play as well: Mr Fulton.

We started rehearsing together at the start of term. Mr Schmalfuss helps us all with choosing the music, getting our stuff together and focusing on putting our own original spin on the pieces.

During rehearsal we all have a lot of fun learning new pieces, practising old ones and just having a heap of fun with the other band members.

For the Pop-Up Concert we performed Holiday by Green Day, Thinking out loud by Ed Sheeran, Good Riddance by Green Day and Long Way to The Top by ACDC.

We were all very nervous leading up to having to perform, but once we started playing, and the audience started getting into it, we all started having a heap of fun.

You can see ore photos on our gallery: Lunchtime Rock Concert.

This was also a great opportunity to raise money for Project Compassion for V3 who sold snacks and refreshments during the concert.

This concert was the first of many to come!

Zoe Watson - Guzman Creative Arts Captain and rock vocalist