SYDC Retreat

Last weekend, 36 students from Years 8-10 attended a retreat in the Savio Hub. This was an opportunity for Year 8s (soon to be Year 9s) to join the group and for some outgoing Year 10s to pass on their experiences and wisdom from their time with Salesian Youth of Dominic College.

The event was truly a wonderful affair. Fun, games, food, fellowship and freedom to be yourself were the main features of the retreat.

We also voted for our 2017 SYDC President – Jacob Percy. I asked Jacob about his thoughts regarding SYDC, and he said:

‘…it’s a group which helps our community and others, and lets people be who they are without judgement or being bullied. It’s a fun and spiritual group full of games and activities. It is a family to a lot of members and helps people through their bad times, and it means the world to many, including myself’.

All new members signed a Values Agreement that has members promise to respect others, the environment and themselves, to uphold the values of the Salesians, to always act kindly and compassionately, to always respect confidentiality (especially within the group), to strive to always be the best person they can be and to strive to help others, both in the College community and in the larger community.

We discussed the many different events we will be involved in next year – OzBosco in Melbourne, outreach activities in the local community, and a possible trip to Cambodia to visit and work in a Salesian school there (no less!).

Newly inducted members will receive SYDC badges at the Advent Mass on the last day of the school year.

Mr Timothy Swan - K-10 Director of Mission