Talking Heads 2018

Senior Drama students are presenting monologues in class at the moment. A selection of pieces will be presented in TALKING HEADS next week. Here are some snippets some of the cast about their preparation.

How will the audience respond to your piece?

My character misleads the audience. You think she is sharing a traumatic experience, but all is not as it seems. She is an actor, playing with emotion, memory and then she shares a real story and shows no emotion. I am really looking forward to performing for our audiences. Chelsea Jones

I think the audience will laugh at a few parts and they will probably connect with it due to it being about something we all have to go through, a job interview. Lachlan Rowlands

What’s your best technique for learning dialogue?

Writing it down! It is the best technique I have found! Write down your piece until it becomes second nature. Chelsea Jones

I learn it one sentence at a time, saying it over and over until I can get each section perfectly 34 times in a row and then I keep going a little bit further. One sentence at a time. Joshua Phillips

I carry a photocopy around in my pocket all the time and keep looking over it when I can. Oliver Wareing

Without giving the plot away, tell us about your character?

I would compare my character to an evil yet intelligent person who has psychopathic tendencies such as not feeling guilt and being somewhat proud of what he does. He talks about his “profession” in a way that is completely honest but it only alludes to his true purpose. James Stansbie

My character’s name is Jomona. She is in her late 20s and she is a journalist. She is Palestinian and was raised at a refugee camp in Gaza. Libby Baker

Pip is a 34 year old mother who is having trouble with her husband. And she was never really appreciated by her mother and she just wants to have her approval. Zoe Watson

My character is the coach of a basketball team who is trying to motivate his team at half-time when they are losing 85-nil. Campbell Woods

Performances are Tuesday 12 June, Wednesday 13 and Thursday 14 at 7pm in the Oratory Space. This is a free event however tickets need be reserved online at:

Mr Mike O’Brien - Director of Creative Arts K-10