Talking Heads 2018 flies

Talking Heads 2018 was performed over three nights in the Oratory Space this week, from 12-14 June. Families and staff were impressed by the honesty, maturity and vivaciousness of the performances in a captivating series of monologues.

The cast of 19 students presented a selection of contemporary Australian playwriting, ranging for Tasmania artist Finnegan Kruchemeyer to Andrew Bovell and Patricia Cornelius. Also in the mix were established English and American dramatists such as Martin McDonagh, Alan Ayckbourn and Neil Simon. Working with quality scripts is an integral part of this ongoing performance project, now in its seventh year.

Performance experience, known as ‘flying time’, is invaluable in giving our performing arts students authentic learning opportunities through which to develop their craft.

Some of the cast are beginning their journey at Year 9 level, performing for the first time, others are very experienced performers with a number of productions under their belt.

Audience response has been strong. They have been appreciative of the quality of the work and the commitment of the students evident in the production.

The full cast comprised, Eli Morrison, Libby Baker, Lachlan Rowlands, Zoe Watson, Campbell Wood, Jak Gutteridge, Matilda McGovern, Promise Mudzingwa, James Stansbie, Martin Koczorek, Kayley Biggar, Lachlan Bacon, Joshua Phillips, Chelsea Jones,William Meere, Thomas Readman, Oliver Wareing, Maddison Cockerill and Will Parkinson. All are to be commended for their work.

You can see phtos from the performances on our gallery: Talking Heads 2018

Mr Mike O’Brien - Director of Creative Arts K-10