Talking Heads 2019 announced

The 8th installment of this ongoing performance project will be presented in the Oratory Space in the first week back in Term 4.

Talking Heads is an ongoing challenge our Senior Drama students undertake to deepen their experience through one of the most demanding of theatrical forms, the monologue.

After completing a unit in Individual Performance in class, pieces are selected to be presented to the school community. Approximately 20 pieces have made the cut this year.

Year 10 students taking their final bows in the Oratory Space include Maddison Cockerill, Jaleea Gordon-Gurrin, Matilda McGovern, Thomas Readman, Eli Morrison, Lachlan Rowlands, Jesse Whittaker, Zoe Watson and Olivia Wiggins.

They will be supported by an equally strong group of students in Year 9 who will be tackling this extension opportunity for the first time.

The cast this year includes several students who performed in Junior Talking Heads when they were in Year 7. Matilda McGovern is making her 5th appearance in Talking Heads, having been part of Junior Talking Heads, a guest in Year 8 and last year appeared in the Talking Heads Retrospective, the closing performance for the Creative Art Festival presented in the Peacock Theatre.

There are two 7pm performances:
Tues 15 October
Wed 16 October

Book your complimentary tickets early as performances will sell out.

Mr Mike O’Brien - Director of Creative Arts K-10