Tanks for the visit

On Monday morning many of our younger students had the great opportunity to see, touch and climb into an eight wheeled Australian Light Armoured Vehicle (ASLAV). This class of vehicle is largely used by the Army for reconnaissance, as well as a personnel carrier, command, surveillance, ambulance, fitter and recovery vehicle.

It drove into our gravel car park where students from Kinder to Year 2 made special visits and some could get inside, try on army gear such as webbing and hats, and ask questions of the soldiers. Other classes from the K-6 area were able to visit during recess, as were selected students from Year 8 – 10 who were able to ask questions about possible careers in the Armed Forces when they came to look around.

The tank is on a week-long tour of schools in both Hobart and Launceston, and visited Dominic College on the way to feature at Agfest, which runs from Thursday 3 to Saturday 5 May at Quercus Park Carrick, near Launceston.