Tasmanian Japanese Speech Contest 2019

On Tuesday 22 October, 29 wonderful students of Japanese participated in the annual Tasmanian Japanese Speech Contest with over 300 students from over 30 schools around the state.

As anyone who has ever entered this type of event will know, making a speech that will be judged is a daunting task in itself, but making a speech in a second language is even more challenging!

The students began practicing early in September, supported by Shimomura sensei, Aran sensei and Kumashiro sensei. Students regularly met before school, at recess and lunchtimes, as well as practicing intensively at home.

All of the students can be very proud of their hard work and effort! おめでとうございます (omedetou gozaimasu – congratulations) A few students were lucky enough to be recognised amongst their year level for presenting particularly outstanding speeches.

Year 3

Halle Heggie

Betty Opi

Tanishka Kumrai

Annabelle Pyke

Year 4

Abigail Doran

Jaxon Chick

Cameron Moase

Callum Kelly

Year 7

Iszabella Zielinski

Daniella Fehlberg

Somyog Rai

Natalie Askey-Doran

Connor Eastley

Harry Johnston

Bradley Viney

Alex Strang-Quinn

Year 8

Zoelle Lin

Lillie-Mae Woolley

Year 9

Harry Breslin

Dione Oloroso

Year 5

Holly Cate

Mingus Breslin

Daniel Prakash Mathew

Ella Hamilton

Year 6

Emarli Lovell

Taylah Bernes

Elena Nye

Joel Richards Bryon Shaji

An extra congratulations to the following students:

Year 3

First place – Tanishka Kumrai

Honourable mention – Betty Opi

Year 4

First place – Callum Kelly

Second place – Abigail Doran

Honourable mentions – Cameron Moase and Jaxon Chick

Year 6

Third place – Taylah Bernes

Year 7

Honourable mention – Connor Eastley

Year 9

First place – Dione Oloroso

Honourable mention – Harry Breslin