Term 2 in Kindergarten tuminana

Term 2 is turning into a busy term for tuminana. This term we are lucky enough to have visits from GYC students who are completing a VET Sport Coaching class as part of their studies. Each Kinder class will benefit from having five sessions where they will work in a small group with three GYC students to develop their gross motor skills. Each session has been carefully planned during Term 1 with their teacher Mr Brendan Kull and the students are now anxious to work with the Kinder classes. Kinder tuminana 3 had their first session last Wednesday and as you can see from the photos, despite the rain it was very successful.

On Friday, after the nervousness of coming to school in some very wild weather where we experienced lots of flooding on the way to school, tuminana 3 were very excited to go outside during a brief lull in the rain and investigate what had happened overnight. First stop was a huge puddle on the side of our building with a ball floating in the middle of it. The conversation and language being used by the Kinders to explain their theories was insightful into how they were making sense of what had happened. Once I identified them as Scientists, they were very keen to use scientific skills to discuss what they could see. Some of the observations made about where the water was coming from and where it was going to and how it was getting there, identified some deep-thinking had occurred while we were outside. Watching the excavator move the rocks at the top of the pebble creek bed led to some interesting hypotheses about why they were moving the rocks and what they would do once they had moved them. Following the water down to the bottom of the grassed area led to an inspection of the drains in the lawn. Many of the pebbles from the creek bed were in only one of the drains which led to many theories about why and eventually we concluded that the water didn’t go up that way!

Mrs Jane Doyle - Kindergarten Teacher and Teaching and Learning Coordinator K-2