Thank you to Mrs Alston

Congratulations to Mrs Elspeth Alston on her Volunteers Award last week and thank you for your many hours of volunteer service.

Since her boys enrolled at Dominic College in 2003, Mrs Alston has been a generous volunteer in our community, especially in the College Library, for which we are most grateful.

Last week she received her second Glenorchy City Council Volunteers Award, for over 5000 hours, one of 13 people to receive this award. She received her first Volunteers Award in 2005 for reaching 1000 hours.

The awards were presented in the Astley Room at the Derwent Entertainment Centre by Glenorchy Mayor, Mrs Kristie Johnston, assisted by Mr Tony McMullen, General Manager of Glenorchy Council, who read out the details of each nominee (though not all were present) and all were applauded.

After the presentations, refreshments provided a chance for thanks and for the volunteers to chat to each other.