​Theatresports: Years 3-6 Competition

Theatresports is worldwide phenomena in which drama and improv games are played as team sports. The object of the event is to let your imagination run riot exercise your improv skills and most importantly, participate and have fun.

The top ten rules for Theatresports are: 1) Say ‘yes and ...’ 2) Add new information. 3) Don’t block. 4) Avoid asking questions- unless you’re also adding information. 5) Play in the present and use the moment. 6) Establish the location. 7) Be specific and provide colorful details. 8) Change, Change, Change! 9) For serious and emotional scenes, focus on characters and relationships. 10) For humorous scenes, take choices to the nth degree or focus on actions/objects.

Anyone can be a great Theatresports player. All that is required is a dash of imagination, the ability to listen, and a degree of bravery. Our Year 3-6 students certainly demonstrated this, throwing themselves into spirit of the event and dazzled the audience with quick thinking. imagination and teamwork. Winning House from the Years 3 & 5 section were Guzman who also and took out the Years 4 & 6 comp.

The Magic Moment Award for a supreme inspired impro moment was decisively claimed by Jagger Blizzard for his ‘Hazard Banana’, and Nicholas Hay for introducing us to his pet slug with ‘Oh Gary’. Congratulations to all participants.

Mr Mike O’Brien - Director of Creative Arts K-10