Time to pack!

Once more family and friends can follow our student trips in September, as Year 6 visit Canberra, Year 9 visit the Northern Territory and Year 10 students visit Japan. It’s the next best thing to being there!

Northern Territory: https://dominiccollegeinnt2017.wordpress.com

Canberra: https://year6canberra2017dc.wordpress.com

Japan: https://dominiccollegeinjapan2017.wordpress.com

Northern Territory
Students who are travelling on this year’s Central Australia Trip are in for an exciting 12 day journey across the heart of our beautiful country. Visiting natural wonders such as Uluru, Kata Tjuta, The Valley of the Winds and Ubir Rock, students will also take a cruise on the famous Yellow Waters and Katherine Gorge, visit with crocodiles and camels and, for the first time in our trip’s history, visit a local Aboriginal Community.
They are very excited to set off and explore the historical, cultural and environmental magic that exists in our very own backyard. Keep your eyes on the blog for daily updates and photos!

Year 6 students are very excited about our Canberra Trip and the countdown is on till we leave very, very early on 26 September. They will be visiting a number of very interesting venues and learning more about Democracy and Government. Parliament House is always spectacular. Cultural and historic appetites will be whetted and enriched. With hands-on science activities at Questacon and visit to the Australian Institute of Sport they will be engaging all the senses. You can follow some of their activities by checking their blog which will be updated daily.

Year 10 students attending the 2017 Japanese Immersion Trip have been making their final preparations. The group is looking forward to visiting Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Hiroshima and Tokyo on this trip of a lifetime. During their stay in Kyoto, they will learn the history of this beautiful city, which was the capital city of Japan prior to Tokyo.
By contrast, Osaka is bustling and modern, and the third largest city in Japan. In the city of Hiroshima, students will join in a lantern ceremony and experience first-hand an important part of modern history when they visit the Peace Park and Memorial Museum. In Tokyo, highlights include attending a Japanese high school, visiting famous shrines and temples, taking in the energy of one of the world’s largest cities, and embracing their inner “child” at Tokyo Disneyland.
Food, friends and a fantastic itinerary will help immerse them in the delights of this beautiful country.