Uniform Review and Redesign Project

As we move through the consultation phase of our Uniform Review and Re-Design Project, I would like extend my appreciation to all members of our College community who completed our on-line surveys regarding our formal uniform and our PE uniform.

There were 442 parents who responded to the survey providing us with a wealth of data and excellent perspectives.

Our Year 3-10 students completed the survey and there were 683 respondents. From our staff, 60 people lodged a survey. This was a very good, broad response and highlights a desire and commitment by all in our College community to have a quality uniform that meets contemporary needs.

Uniform Review and Re-Design Data Analysis

The Uniform Review and Re-Design Committee met on Wednesday morning and sifted through the survey data, identifying areas of satisfaction and dissatisfaction with the College uniform. There were constant reoccurring themes across the three stakeholder groups.

Many in our community offered much welcomed positive and constructive suggestions and again these were collated and summarized.These summaries will be published in the College Newsletter next week.

Ms Elizabeth Delahoyde, Perm-A-Pleat’s Head of Design spent the day at the College on Wednesday working with the Uniform Review and Re-Design Committee and our Steering Group.

On Wednesday evening, Elizabeth met with parents who attended the Parent Forum on the review. Parents who attended the Forum considered and responded to the data summaries. They also unpacked some of the major suggestions coming out of the data requesting change which will also be published next week.

I would like to extend my appreciation to the parents who attended the evening Forum who gave excellent, valuable input into the review.

My particular thanks to the three parents who are specifically representing the parent community on the Committee who also generously attended the evening Parent Forum: our P&F President, Mrs Nicola Rayner, Mrs Mary Moase and Ms Leesa Baker.

Ms Beth Gilligan - Dominic College Principal