Uniform Review & Redesign underway

This year we have commenced a major review and re-design of the College Uniform K-10.

This week we had the first of five scheduled meetings of the College Uniform Review and Re-Design Committee together with Perm-A-Pleat, our current supplier and one of the country’s most prominent and experienced uniform designers. Ms Elizabeth Delahoyde, Perm-A-Pleat’s Head of Design & Development, and Mr Tim Porter Perm-A-Pleat’s National Business Development Manager were present and will attend all meetings.

College Uniform Review and Re-Design Committee

The Committee comprises eight student leaders from Year 10 and Year 6: Lachlan Rowlands, Maddison Cockerill, Thomas Atkinson and Ella Fitzpatrick, Klay Mustchin, Priyannika Kumrai, Jack Gilligan and Caitlin Stevanovich.

Parent representatives from our P&F are a crucial part of the Committee and include Mrs Nicola Rayner, Mrs Mary Moase and Ms Leesa Baker. A number of staff who are parents are also members of the committee and include Mrs Natalie Davey, Mrs Olivia Stephen, Mr Brad Parkin, Mr Cameron Golding, and Mrs Natalie Diprose. Mr Andrew Pritchard, Mr Steve Casni, Mr Dylan Chivers and the Principal are also on the Committee.

Committee Focus in the First Meeting

The College Uniform Review and Re-Design Committee worked on Tuesday to articulate the strengths and weaknesses of the current uniform. We also considered the opportunities the review and redesign opened for us and identified the constraints we need to work within as we develop a new uniform.

The Committee began discussion on identifying key items of uniform that should be compulsory and had an initial discussion regarding the potential colour palette.

The next phase across March will be a consultation with all stakeholders. Opinion surveys will be developed and all in the community can expect the opportunity to individually input views via survey.

Parent Forum on the College Uniform

For parents, Mrs Nicola Rayner has generously indicated that the March P&F Meeting can also provide opportunity for parents to provide feedback on the uniform directly to the College and to Elizabeth and Tim who will be present at this forum. The P&F Meeting will be held on Wednesday 20 March 7.15 pm in the College Library. I look forward to seeing parents during this consultation phase.

Ms Beth Gilligan - Dominic College Principal