Uniform Review Survey update

This week in our newsletter we published the survey data summary for students, parents and staff that has been developed by the Uniform Review and Re-Design Committee.

It has been most encouraging that there has been much discussion about the type, style and option improvements with our uniform.

Year 3 student, Aylah Harrex has even drawn the uniform (above) that she envisages for the future.

Thank you to parents, students and staff who completed surveys on the Uniform Review and Re-design.

The Uniform Review and Re-Design Committee sifted through the survey data last week, identifying areas of satisfaction and dissatisfaction with the College uniform. There were constant reoccurring themes across the three stakeholder groups. Many in our community offered much-welcomed, positive and constructive suggestions and you can see the summary at this link: Uniform Survey summary.

Beth Gilligan - Dominic College Principal