Uniform Review update

The Uniform Review and Redesign Committee recently met to consider initial designs that have been developed for Dominic College’s new uniform by Elizabeth Delahoyde, Head of Design at Perm-A-Pleat.

These designs have been based heavily on the consultation data as well as Ms Delahoyde’s experience of what will best meet our needs in our climate as a K-10 co-educational school.

The initial designs have been well received by all of us and reflect our principles that the uniform should integrate our traditions but become more contemporary and distinctive in fabrics used, style and adaptability. Developing layers in the changing climate has remained a strong element in the design.

We have discussed the compulsory items in the uniform and the optional items that may be available for students. We have remained faithful to developing a summer dress option for Year 3-10 girls and both boys and girls will move to wearing a tie. Much thought has been put into the College blazer and we will move to a striped blazer as part of the formal uniform, commencing in Year 3.

The K-2 uniform design will include two further layers for warmth and our parents on the Uniform Review and Redesign Committee are particularly pleased with how the design has progressed for our younger students.

The Uniform Review Steering Committee have commenced working on our transition into the new uniform commencing in 2021 and how best to manage this. It will be a phased in transition to support the financial outlay by parents. When we have completed this thinking and it has been approved by our College Council, parents will be informed of this in August this year, if all goes well.

The design and range of the uniform will not be revealed to the community until our official launch in mid-2020.

Ms Beth Gilligan - Dominic College Principal