​URStrong – Our Friendship Focus

URStrong – Our Friendship Focus The URStrong program is a cornerstone of the Kinder – Year 6 EMPOWER program and focuses on children teaching others how to treat them. Friendships mean the world to our students and we use the URStrong program as it supports children to establish and maintain healthy relationships, manage conflict with kindness, and increase their overall resilience. There is common language that is utilised in the program, and you may hear your child use these words at home. Children are explicitly taught the skills of friendship, and these are based on the four rules of friendship.

This quick glossary will help you understand the language your child may be using.

  • Friendship Fire: Any situation between you and a friend that results in negative feelings.
  • Mean-on-Purpose: When someone is intentionally unkind to someone else.
  • Quick Comeback: A very short word or phrase that is used when someone is Mean-on Purpose. Quick Comebacks are designed to let the other person know that you heard/saw what they did and you’re not okay with it.
  • Friend-o-Meter: A visual tool that assesses the health of friendships, ranging from the healthy zone to the unhealthy zone.
  • Friendship Ninja: A Friendship Ninja is someone who surrounds themselves with friends in the healthy zone of the Friend-o-Meter. A Friendship Ninja is kind and friendly to everyone.

We look forward to sharing our URStrong work with you throughout the year, and we encourage you to use this common language with your children at home.

Check out the URStrong page online, it’s currently free for parents to sign up to the program so you can learn all about it too! www.urstrong.com/parents

Mrs Allison Lowe - Co-Coordinator of Pastoral Care K-6