Very colourful event

Last week and this week have been marked by community events which invite all across the College to become involved and deepen further student and family sense of belonging at Dominic.

Our sense of belonging comes from participation in a group, the ability and accessibility to contribute to a group and our behaviours of mutual support. Choosing to participate, give and contribute as well as support others are the essentials of developing one’s own sense of belonging.

A sense of belonging just doesn’t happen by osmosis; members of any community must take responsibility for their own sense of belonging hence helping to define personal purpose.

The Salesian Playground – where friends meet and have fun together

We saw this unfold and be tangibly apparent at the Colour Run last week with K-10 students and staff having a great time together while getting coated in colour powder and navigating the obstacle course set out on our ovals.

For me it was a wonderful afternoon seeing students laughing and having fun together in a Salesian playground opportunity.

Thank you to all students, parents and staff and our College families who generously supported this activity and our hard working P&F with this fundraising event.

You can see more photos on our gallery: P&F Colour Run.

In addition, Year 7 student Elliot put this video Colour Run Video together for us to celebrate. Thank you for a great job, Elliot.

Ms Beth Gilligan - Dominic College Principal