VET at Dominic College

Dominic College is a member of the consortium of Catholic Colleges that offer a VET in schools program as part of our elective offerings.

Students can undertake 3-4 units in the following courses:

  • Introduction to Construction
  • Introduction to Engineering Pathways
  • Introduction to Hospitality
  • Further information about units covered in these course can be found on the Dominic College website.

    The VET process is a very important aspect of a student’s pathway to a career of their choice. At Dominic College students who undertake VET are made aware that the workshop or kitchen environment simulates a work place. Key aspects of a real life work place are implemented in the Introduction to VET electives.

    As well as learning and developing skills, students are gaining valuable personal skills which are attributes that employers look for in young people. Some of these are:

  • teachable attitude
  • excellent work ethic
  • prepared to do extra
  • passionate about their work(task)
  • ability to tackle challenges head-on
  • At Dominic College, the aim is to teach the basic skills very well and develop a career pathway through to an apprenticeship/traineeship, giving the students experience in hands-on and practical aspects of the industry.

    In Introduction to Construction students engage in practice skills such as carpentry, bricklaying, tiling and plumbing. The Introduction to Engineering Pathways course includes practical tasks like welding, fabricating and fitting and machining. The Introduction to Hospitality course teaches food preparation and presentation techniques as well as food handling skills and knowledge.

    We encourage our Dominic College students to always aim high and think about post-trade careers such as becoming an Architect, Engineer, Surveyor, Hospitality Teacher, Project Manager and many more options.

    A recent survey of employers stated that the top three attributes that they want young people to have are: Problem Solving Skills, Critical Thinking and Creative Thinking.

    Introduction to VET electives are a perfect way of developing and practicing these skills. Students work independently, read and follow plans or recipes and they are continuously encouraged with constructive feedback.

    A recent visit with a representative from the Master Builders Association gave a very informative presentation for the students, giving students insight into a career pathway through a trade qualification This was well received by students.

    “Do today's job really well; tomorrow’s job is up to you.”

    Mr Rocco Mangione - VET Teacher