VET Hospitality Enjoy All Things Chocolate

On Wednesday 11 August the VET Hospitality students were lucky enough to have a masterclass on all things chocolate in the 7-10 kitchen. Qualified Chef and hobby chocolatier Simon Hull (Husband of Kitchen Learning Support Assistant, Gill Hull) was generous enough to give up his own time, being a Chef at Parliament House, to run this amazing lesson on chocolate for our lucky students.

VET Hospitality students are currently engaged in the unit ‘Prepare and Present Simple Dishes’ and exposure to qualified professionals and cookery skills such as Simon Hull and his chocolate expertise is a fantastic addition to the program.

Students had a history lesson on chocolate from Simon and then were able to dip and finish pre-prepared chocolates, cap-off molded chocolates, witness and participate in the process of tempering chocolate, and finished off with a chocolate-tasting. By the end of the session, students had not only learnt a great deal but had consumed more than their daily allowance of delicious, beautiful, homemade chocolates. All students thoroughly enjoyed the session and have a base knowledge on chocolate that is invaluable should they be pursuing further education or training in this field of work.

We thank Simon and Gill for their wonderful commitment to our students and the VET Hospitality program at Dominic College.

Cameron Golding

Director of Health & Physical Education K-10