Where in the World?

Now that we are globally connected the opportunities to learn about our world have increased in every classroom. In Kindergarten the students are part of a global initiative that celebrates who we are. This ties in with their current curriculum focus of I am unique… there is no one else like me in the world.

This is our second year participating in the Preschool Postcard project. There are nine members of our group this year and the postcards went to the following countries – Serbia, Canada, England, Scotland, 3 to the USA and one to New South Wales. The aim of the project is to share information about ourselves, as 4 and 5-year olds in their first year in a school setting. These postcards needed to be sent by October 15 so that everyone can receive them before Christmas.

During the last week of Term 3, each Kindergarten student painted their own postcard picture to include in the pack which was sent. Information about our classes, school and local environment was also included.

There was much excitement when both classes met to look at the first postcard that had arrived. The Kinders looked at the envelope to find clues that would help them learn where the letter was from. The air mail stamp and then the actual stamp which had the Queen on it told them how the letter had got to us and possibly where it was from. Once it was opened, it was found to have come all the way from Scotland.

We read the postcard and letters included and then looked carefully at the piece of tartan that was also included. These are on display in Kinder tuminana if you would like to visit and view them. Listening to students question where Scotland was, as they looked in atlases, on the world maps and on a globe was most enlightening. Hearing one student tell his Dad that we have sent our postcards to nine universes was gorgeous!

One of the most amazing things the Kindergarten students have already realised is that the students in Scotland do many of the same activities that they do! There is now much excitement and anticipation in waiting for the rest of the postcards to arrive in the very near future.

Mrs Jane Doyle - Coordinator of Teaching and Learning K-2